Returning to In-Person Missouri AHEC Science and Health Camps
AHECs work with local communities to sponsor hands-on experiences for high school students interested in health science occupations. Missouri AHEC Science and Health (MASH) Camps help high school students living in rural and underserved communities learn about science in the medical field, explore health careers, connect with healthcare professionals, and get hands-on experience in bench science. Last summer, MASH Camps were conducted on a virtual platform – but this summer, MASH Camp in Northeast Missouri is returning to in-person programming!
This year’s curriculum followed the theme of the board game Life. Students were guided through their Life journey: learning about healthy decisions occurring during infancy, childhood , adolescence, adulthood, and senior life stages . Local health professionals visited as special guests and provided students with an overview of the robust field of health science careers. They also helped them to understand how to prepare to enter the field of healthcare.
Dissections enriched student exposure to the anatomy of organs and built on existing laboratory skills, while local tours gave a glimpse of daily, behind-the-scenes life as a health professional. Students also participated in an activity to gain more understanding of social determinants of health and cultural differences. On the last day of MASH Camp, students were given the opportunity to receive CPR and First Aid certifications or recertifications. Northeast Missouri AHEC also partnered with Kirksville Parks and Recreation to teach MASH campers about community health, water safety, and end camp with the newfound knowledge at the brand new water park!