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About AHEC Scholars

In 2018 the AHEC Scholars program was introduced in AHECs across the country, creating a large cohort of health professions students becoming more prepared to care for rural and urban underserved patients in small interprofessional teams. The AHEC Scholars program is two years in length and applicants should be within two years of graduating from their program. In Missouri the regional cohorts are organized through the seven regional centers with support from the three program offices.

All didactic and community activities focus on the topics below. Community activities always involve two or more health professions.

Interprofessional Education

(also known as interdisciplinary training) which supports a coordinated, patient-centered model of health care that involves an understanding of the contributions of multiple health care professionals.

Integrated Behavioral Health

Promotes the development of integrated primary and behavioral health services to better address the needs of individuals with mental health and substances use conditions.

Cultural Competency

Seeks to improve individual health and build health communities by training health care providers to recognize and address the unique culture, language and health literacy of diverse consumers and communities.

Practice Transformation

Aims to fully support quality improvement and patient-centered care through goal-setting, leadership, practice facilitation, workflow changes, measuring outcomes, and adapting organizational tools and processes to support new team-based models of care delivery. AHEC programs are expected to develop and implement educational and training activities and build and strengthen strategic partnerships. Educational and training activities under practice transformation must target the specific skills and competencies needed to prepare students and practicing health professionals to effectively practice in a transforming health care system.

Social Determinants of Health

Includes five key areas (determinants) of economic stability, education, social and community context, health and health care, and neighborhood and built environment, and their impact on health.

Current/Emerging Issues

Current information will be provided on diseases such as opioid/substance use disorders, HPV, and emerging issues such as COVID-19.

Virtual Learning and Telehealth
Connecting Communities and Supporting Health Professionals

Physician Assistant





APRN / Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Midwife


To learn more about the requirements, please contact your regional AHEC found on the Locations page of this websiteIf you are not in one of these programs, but have interest in AHEC Scholars, please contact us at or your local AHEC.

“Being a Scholar has connected me with professional training that helped solidify the skills and knowledge necessary to serve patients from varying life experiences. I have become more empathetic, considerate, sincere, and informed as a future healthcare provider.”

-Gigi Presley

AHEC Scholars: Certifications


Certification in Mental Health First Aid


Certification in National CLAS standards


Certificate from Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

AHEC Scholars: Networking


Networking with health care providers and community health leaders


Network with students in various disciplines and across the state

Value Added


Better prepared to work with diverse patients in rural and/or urban communities


Improved employability skills

  • Resume review
  • Job interview preparation
  • Introduction to area health organizations

How to Apply to
AHEC Scholars

A Google account is required to complete the Google Form application. If you do not have a Google account, create one. Complete applications will be given higher priority. If you encounter problems while completing the form or have questions, please contact us.

EMail For Inquiry


Proof of acceptance or enrollment in one of the participating health professions program.


Submit a current CV or resume and contact information for two individuals who have agreed to complete recommendation questionnaires.


Select individuals who know you as a colleague or a student and can evaluate your fitness for the AHEC Scholars program. Recommendation questionnaires may be completed by an AHEC center, professional school, or undergraduate university.


A background check may be required before acceptance to the Missouri AHEC Scholars program.

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