Missouri AHEC Programs Impact on Future Healthcare Workforce
MAHEC’s mission is to grow and support Missouri’s health care workforce. MAHEC programs are offered to students at various stages, including high school, undergraduate, or those in health professions programs. Although we had to pivot and adapt our programs over the last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MAHEC had quite a few accomplishments as noted below:
• 84 new pipeline students
• 53 MAHEC participants began primary care residencies in Missouri
• 57 medical students participated in 4- week clinical rotations in safety net or rural health clinics (RHC).
• 79 health care profession students participated in the AHEC Scholars program, which prepares them to provide care to rural and urban underserved Missourians.
In addition, MAHEC Centers and Program Offices coordinated several events throughout the year, benefiting students and educators.
• A total of 104 health professions and prehealth professions students participated in the 2nd Annual Collaborative Case Competition. One student commented, “Being a part of the MAHEC Case Competition was an excellent opportunity for me to broaden my experience working with other ‘healthcare professionals’ in a group setting.”
• Two AHEC centers facilitated 8 Interprofessional Education experiences with 23 students in a clinical training site serving underserved/vulnerable populations in their regions.
• A Statewide Educators’ conference was held to build 21 middle and high school counselors/teachers capacity to provide guidance to students on health career options.
• Two statewide AHEC Scholars events were held. A total of 94 students attended both events.

Missouri regional AHEC Centers are welcoming new students into many of our programs as
a new academic year commences. To get in touch with your Missouri regional AHEC
Center, go to http://www.mahec.org. An Information Session for the AHEC Scholars
program will be held August 26, 2021 at 12:00pm.